Its all true - I have a secret (not so secret) obsession. I like cake.

Now I'm fairly easy to please when it comes to cake.
I dont like chocolate cake. Not sure about stuff with matcha in it (shivers). But everything else - awesome.

Huge fan of apple pies and apple tarts and flans.

I can do without whipped cream but hey, I can scrape it aside and get at the wonderful treat underneath.

Obviously I can't eat cake all the time. I've gone way beyond the age that my body naturally burns off calories just by being or watching tv or even simply eating. So I've had to pick my moments.

Finish a logo - get cake.

Install wordpress - get cake.

Design a brochure - get cake.
(Bizarrely I have never been asked to design cake related graphics!)

You get the picture...

So. To summarize...

I really like cake. I can't eat cake all the time because that would be silly.


If you want to send me a cake, email me with the subject line, "Yes I'd like to send a cake to Rick" and we'll get it sorted. I'll even put a picture of it here and twitter...

Over to you, cake makers!